welfare benefits

Introduction of Welfare Benefits


At Hinodegaoka Hospital (Kiyo-Kai), we strive to expand our welfare system so that the staff and their families can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Various systems will be newly established in the future.


  • In-hospital childcare center “Kii-chan Kids”
  • Nursing school advance scholarship program
  • Paid child care support leave: 3 days (government system is unpaid. For staff with preschool children)
  • Meal cost supplement: 1 month 5,000 yen (full-time) 1 meal 200 yen (part-time)
  • Summer vacation: 3 days (full-time) 2 days (part-time)
  • Childcare allowance subsidy system (nurses only)
  • Regular medical examination (free, conducted every January)
  • Night shift staff health examination (free, conducted every September)
  • Employee outpatient clinical examination: free
  • Reduction of hospitalization expenses for staff and families (Relatives within 3 parents)
  • Receiving treatment at the Department of Rehabilitation (10% off for staff)146
  • Kiyo-kai Bōnenkai (end-of-year party)
  •  Uniform rental
  •  Nursing care leave
  •  Accommodation “Shiki Club”: 31 facilities nationwide. All season one night stay with breakfast included: 1 person 5,400 yen http://www.shikiresorts.com
  •  Japan Hospital Council Club Basic Members: Preferential benefits for various contents
  •  Tachikawa International Country Club: Weekday Corporate Membership Agreement
  •  Circle activities “Kiyo-Kai Golf Club” “Kiyo-Kai Fishing Club” “Kiyo-Kai Mountain Climbing Club”
  •  Prepaid card of the cafe ‘Tár de Camio’ of 3,000 yen
  •  Photo shoots by professional photographers
  •  Recognition of long-term service
  •  Reviews of automobile insurance premium contract
  •  Total support for private cars (inspection, maintenance, repair, accident consultation, sales)
  •  Partnering gas station stand discounts
  •  Family Thanksgiving BBQcimg9668