Ward Information

General Medical Ward A (36 beds)

facility_img01This ward mainly conducts acute treatment. Other than Psychiatry and the Hospice, this is the first ward to which patients are admitted. The ward also accepts standby patients when the hospice is full as well as emergency admissions from patients’ homes.



Long-Term Care Ward B (40 beds) and D (53 beds)

facility_img02These wards are covered by the nursing care insurance system. They may be used by patients who need continuous medical management or rehabilitation as well as patients who require time before being discharged or transferred to another nursing care insurance facility.



Recuperation Ward C (54 beds)

facility_img03This ward mainly accepts hemodialysis (artificial replacement of kidney function) patients with high healthcare needs. Patients are also admitted for rehabilitation.





Psychiatric Ward E (60 beds)

facility_img04Although this is a closed ward, the entire ward is a bright, comfortable living space which aims to stimulate everyday life via systematic occupational therapy and active rehabilitation activities with the goal of discharging patients.




Hospice Ward F (20 beds) 

facility_img05This is a place that provides support and care so that patients suffering from intractable conditions such as terminal cancer as well as their families can live in dignity and comfort. The healthcare team provides support for any pain, mental anguish, and anxiety that patients may experience.