Hinode Nursing Scholarship Promotion

This is a message to former EPA nurses who have completed your assignment and returned to the Philippines. We prepared a two year work-study program which you will be able to try and take the Japanese nursing exam again. We are committed to supporting you to pass the exam and obtain the nursing license. We have confidence in you because you have already spent three years training in Japan with some language learning experience. In addition, you have tried taking three exams already. All in all, the hospital values your experience in Japan. We will be waiting for you with great, supporting staff. However, this is not an employment offer. This is an offer for you to join us for a serious language and exam-prep program. The participants will be asked to take vigorous language and exam-prep exercise programs everyday. We know you will be successful if you join this program. We are looking for serious individuals who want to overcome obstacles and succeed to obtain the nursing license in Japan.