Organizational Information


medical_img01Mainly treatment for elderly patients. There are a total of 183 beds in the Department of Medicine, which is functionally divided into three wards.




Inpatient Dialysis

medical_img02Equipped with 11 dialysis beds and consists of a system that is able to perform the simultaneous dialysis of 10 patients.






medical_img03Beds: 60 (private rooms ×2,three-bed bay ×1,five-bed bays ×11). Also conducts outpatient examinations.






medical_img04Hinodegaoka Hospital is considered to be center of excellence for rehabilitation. All manner of support is provided including rehabilitation not only for inpatients but also for day-care patients and visiting patients.




Hospice (Palliative Care)

medical_img05Consists of 12 private rooms and two four-bed bays. The hospice ward is on the 4th floor. All rooms have large windows and are very spacious. The scenery of the lush Okutama Mountains can be enjoyed from the windows and family kitchen offers a view of the morning sun.



Medical Check-Up

medical_img06For the protection of patients’ health, includes examination facilities equipped to handle a variety of cases.