“Nursing Department Guidance Method” Nurses · Care Workers


Q1. After the employment, will there be someone in charge who will guide me?


   A. A Primary nurse will be appointed, and the team will support you when the primary nurse is not in.

Q2. Are there many things to record, etc?


   A. A nurse has many things to record.

      Care workers keep record of transmission notes.

Q3. How would you train me? Are there training programs?


   A. We will hold a one day training at the Education Center on the day of entry and OJT from the second day.

      There are also other nurses’ / care workers’ training within the year.

Q4. Can I request to work in a specific ward?


   A. We will take requests, but there is a possibility that we can not follow all the requests.

Q5. Within how long can I become independent?


   A. Beginners are 6 months to 1 year

      Experienced people are from 1 month to 2 months

Q6. Are there any follow-up languages other than Japanese?


   A. In the ward, it will only be in Japanese.