Message from the Head Personnel

 Everyone, nice to meet you!

 I am Yuka Sugiura who is in charge of foreign staff.

 I spent my high school years in Europe and I have been at an internship with NPO organizations that educate young people about HIV / AIDS in the US during college.


 I remember being very surprised when I first came to Hinode eight years ago, that there are places in this city where such nature remains. I moved to Hinode wanting to work in such a place filled with greenery.

 When opening the windows at break time, you can see the transition of the beautiful four seasons of Japan, and you hear the chirping of the season’s birds. Because it is a hospital upon a hill, it is a very nice place to enjoy the scent of the four seasons with the wind.


 There are many people that come in and out of Hinodegaoka Hospital every day. Not only local residents, but also within our Japanese staff there are a lot of staff who welcomes our foreign staff as family members.

 I would like to support you as a partner working together, or sometimes as a friend, rather than handling you all in a special way.IMG_3608

 Please do not hesitate to contact me. We all look forward to meeting you.