Hinodegaoka Hospital’s President Noriko Sakai


Living in unison with the community, providing reliable medical care




    Hinodegaoka Hospital has been operating for nearly 50 years as a “Hospital living in unison with the community”, supported by the town of Hinode and its neighboring people.

    The first President was my grandmother, and since she was from Nagasaki prefecture, it is said that she used the kanji “saki (崎)” and named it “Kiyo-kai (崎陽会)”. My mother, Okura Yoko succeeded my grandmother 20 years after its establishment, and in April 2016, I took over the position of President.

    Kiyo-kai originally started as a hospital with 138 beds, but with the times, we have expanded the range of our business gradually while responding to local medical and nursing care needs. Currently, in addition to Hinodegaoka Hospital (263 beds), we also operate four home business departments, medical examination center, and our comprehensive support center.

    Kiyo-kai’s philosophy of “in unison with the community” has increased credibility and importance with the times. The regional and medical cooperation, home business promotion, etc. that the country has started to strongly promote in recent years have “in unison with the community” as their guidelines. We will continue to aim for a hospital that is needed and loved by the people of the region from now on. We look forward to your continued guidance and cooperation in the future.












 Hinodegaoka Hospital’s image we aim to be

“A hospital where everyone in the community gathers” A hospital needed and loved by everyone in the region

“A hospital where the staff become happy” If you stay here you can love yourself


Year of 2018 AIM 

“A sensible hospital full of decency”


  This fiscal year, AIM (Goal) set up "A sensible hospital full of decency". The word "decency" in this is the key word of this year. 
The meaning of this word is in the dictionary "Thinking way of thinking, sound judgment power".

  It is often said that the medical industry is somewhat special. It is true that this medical world, which is said to be 
"thank you" from patients and users who pay for sure, is often different from general society, 
for example, "doing business with masks" "everyone do not say anything without smile face even if it does not correspond, "as it is medical, 
I feel that there are many things that people can not understand in general society.
 But we are general public people before being a medical person. I hope that one employee will think again about staff as a medical person by thinking about raising this AIM 
about how it is as a social worker.

 Also, from the viewpoint of hospital administration, we are lacking talented personnel, a decline in occupancy rate of beds, and the spread of various labor problems and litigation, 
our administrator is based on sound sense of good sense, making sound judgment I think that it is increasingly being demanded to go.
 Finally, in this year's AIM I put in the phrase "sensible". In this word, we have a wish to be a hospital that will be in the end of life, a hospital filled with a peaceful
 and friendly atmosphere.

 We are going to focus on this AIM this year!