Hinode EPA project

At Hinodegaoka Hospital, we have accepted two Filipino nurse candidates
based on the 2013 EPA, and they have started working in the hospital since
the December of last year.
From here on, they will receive training at Hinodegaoka Hospital, and work
to attain the Japanese Nursing Certificate within three years. At our
hospital, we the entire staff are willing to support these two who have left
their families in their home countries, coming to Japan with strong

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Magazine Catherine Garma

I have been a nurse for eleven years. I have worked in the Philippines and
Saudi Arabia as a nurse, working in the operation room in the Philippines
and at the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in Saudi Arabia.cathe
I went back to the Philippines, and immediately applied when I heard that
there was recruiting of nurses in Japan. To work in Japan I know there is a
language barrier, but coming to Japan was one of my dreams and I had heard a
lot of good things, so I thought, ’this is it!’. I am so happy to be
chosen, and am grateful for the people who chose me. Japanese is hard and
have thought of giving up, but I always think, ‘I can work hard if it’s for
my daughter!’
Nice to meet you, everyone.