Hinodegaoka Hospital’s Director Shigenori Kamio

The hills that surround Hinodegaoka Hospital are full of spring.The
light green like the feathers of wild duck sprout, and through the trees the

Dr. Shigenori Kamio

Dr. Shigenori Kamio

twitter of nightingales overflow, giving our hearts richness.
From this April, I have been appointed as the director of the hospital. For
me, it feels like challenging an unexplored peak of the Himalayas; like an
adventure in a different sense. What is adventure? I think my definition of
adventure would be, ’to overcome danger and the unknown with untiring
effort and free will, by using one’s mental and physical capacity and
making full use of technology.’ If I go along with this definition, we can
say that Yuichirou Miura who took on Mt. Everest at 30 years old and reached
the summit at 80 years old, is an adventurer.

The ’secret to success’ that climbers like him who take on the Himalayas
possess; that would be called MVP (Most Valuable Player). In my terms, I
would say M (Motivation): why climb the mountain, V (Vision): the best route
and way to climb the mountain, P (Performance): maintaining the best
condition to do the best. These three would be the essential factors for

This image for MVP can relate directly to the the management of the
hospital. Motivation and ideas involved in medical care, Vision and the goal
for which the hospital should aim, and Performance as for what kind of
stance we should take to improve the hospital. I think these three are
important elements make an important triangle for the future of the

With the aging society and economic downfall, the environment for medical
care is getting more severe. On the other hand the need for medical care is
becoming diverse, as new systems for medical care within the community are
being created and the way for end-of-life care is being questioned. In this
kind of environment, to face our patients directly is I think desired.

We have built the base camp, now it is time for us to start climbing towards
the summit. On the way, there will be many obstacles we might run into. I
hope to climb while cheering each other on, and shake a firm handshake at
the summit. Small but exact, one step at a time, I would like to heighten
our steps.

I am aiming for a hospital that is community friendly and one with trust.

As a doctor who stands on the front lines of community medical care, I will
carry out medical care to which I can give a sense of security and relief.
Please consult me frankly.

1. Offering of science based accurate medical care and health promotion
2. Informed consent, second opinion, importance on secure personal
3. Engagement as a place of dispatch for information to enhance community
insurance, welfare, and cultural activities